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1000 TN!! The Best Theoretical Novelties

1000 TN!! The Best Theoretical Novelties
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Editorial: Chess Informant, 2012
Encuadernación: Rustica
Páginas: 640
Idioma: Figurines

1000 TN!!, presents the 1000 best theoretical novelties from Informant 11 to Informant 110, as voted by the Chess Informant jury. In the forty-year period from 1971 to 2011, there were sixty winners in total.
Once, and only once, was the nine member jury in complete concordance regarding the winning novelty. It was like a once in a lifetime moment that the stars align in perfect harmony, where one game scores above all others as a clear winner with the maximum ninety points!
In the "contest" of TN's who actually won the game was of lesser importance than whose idea contributed the most to chess theory. Current world champion Viswanathan Anand is the highest awarded player with nine novelties, followed by former world champions Karpov, Kasparov, Kramnik, and Topalov.

In addition, Anand also scored the winning novelty from Informant 111, making it is his tenth TN prize in the history of modern chess!

List of TN winners (60): Anand (10 times), Karpov (8), Kasparov, Kramnik (5), Topalov, Velimirovic (4), Shirov (3), Ljubojevic, Beliavsky, Timman, M.Gurevich, Adorjan, Korchnoi, Oll, Svidler, Morozevich (2), Petrosian, Spassky, Gligoric, Tseshkovsky, R.Byrne, Sibarevic, Perenyi, Vitolins, Portisch, Averbakh, Chiburdanidze, Polugaevsky, Geller, Browne, McCambridge, Tal, Miles, Seirawan, Alburt, Van der Sterren, Murey, A.Sokolov, Adams, Gelfand, Illescas, Khalifman, Atalik, Sakaev, Zvjaginsev, Grischuk, Milov, Gallagher, Rogozenco, Ponomariov, Leko, Nielsen, Shariyazdanov, Johannessen, Van Wely, Volokitin, Karjakin, Naiditsch, Dominguez, Riazantsev (1).

Complete list of Anand's best TN's:
1) Anand - Kamsky, Sanghi Nagar (m/1) 1994 - Informant 61/345
2) Anand - Tkachiev, Moscow (m/1) 2001 - Informant 83/326
3) Anand - Kasimdzhanov, Hyderabad 2002 - Informant 86/137
4) Anand - Bologan, Dortmund 2003 - Informant 88/77
5) Anand - Adams, San Luis 2005 - Informant 94/267
6) Anand - Kramnik, Bonn (m/6) 2008 - Informant 104/146
7) Anand - Leko, Moscow 2009 - Informant 107/132
8) Anand - Topalov, Sofia (m/4) 2010 - Informant 108/134
9) Topalov - Anand, Nanjing 2010 - Informant 110/243
10) Anand-Wang Hao, Wijk aan Zee 2011 - Informant 111/268

Jan Timman:
"Chess Informant has been a leading source of information for decades. In the past the emphasis has been mainly on openings, resulting in a tradition that a jury judges most important novelties of each volume. I have been part of this tradition for decades (..)."

Viswanatan Anand:
"Chess Informant has been the definitive source of chess information since its inception. Due to the high quality analysis by the best players, it is essential to opening preparation (..)."

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