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1.d4 - Beat the Guerrillas

1.d4 - Beat the Guerrillas
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After 1.d4, probably the most popular opening move in the world, Black can choose to employ a wide variety of unorthodox lines. Taken by surprise, White players may stumble into unknown and treacherous territory, where their fully prepared opponent is waiting in ambush.

1.d4 Beat the Guerrillas! provides effective recipes against a broad range of unusual variations, including the:
- Englund Gambit
- Budapest Gambit
- Schara Hennig Gambit
- English Defence
- Baltic Defence
- Keres Defence
- Marshall Defence
- Owen Defence
- Albin´s Counter Gambit
- and many others

International Master and acclaimed chess author Valeri Bronznik provides systematic overviews, well chosen examples of practical play, and conclusions with key strategic and tactical advice. In the process he also manages to present many new ideas and theoretical improvements.

This highly useful and practical guide will teach you how to deal with all of Black´s offbeat tries against 1.d4. Don´t get ambushed in the opening beat the guerrillas!

German Federation for Correspondence Chess: `An honest and convincing work that is heartily recommended. White players will learn how to throw a spanner in the works when Black chooses an unorthodox line after 1.d4.´

Europa Rochade Magazine: `Working with this convenient guide is a joy because of the completeness and the very pleasant way in which the author combines theoretical knowledge with practical advice.´

KARL Magazine: `Although concrete variations are the main thing, Bronznik gives a lot more strategic explanations than Avrukh and Khalifman in their repertoire books.´

Glarean Magazine: `The variations are sometimes quite detailed with lots of branches, but the author breaks things up, in a structured way, with strategic directions, positional comments and general tips.´

GM Glenn Flear, Yearbook: `To me Bronznik is an author who really researches and then WRITES his books.´

IM John Watson, The Week In Chess: `I consider Valeri Bronznik´s books of exceptional quality.´
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