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A Cutting-Edge Gambit Against the Queens Indian

A Cutting-Edge Gambit Against the Queens Indian
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Autores: Imre Hera y Ufuk Tuncer
ISBN: 978-90-5691-497-4
Páginas: 176
Idioma: Inglés

The ultra-sharp pawn sacrifice 6.d5 has caused a revolution in the 4... Ba6 line of the Queen´s Indian Defence in recent years.

The ingenious gambit was hotly debated at the highest level by players like Alexey Shirov, for White, and Peter Leko, for Black. At club level it became a dangerous weapon for attackers.

Hungarian grandmaster Imre Hera and Turkish FIDE master Ufuk Tuncer have charted this topical line and analysed it deeply. They give a clear overview of the history of the line and have thoroughly investigated all Black´s answers in separate parts and chapters.

The deep and often spectacular variations are illuminated by instructive and entertaining prose.

It presents countless brilliant resources and eye-catching novelties.

Imre Hera became a chess grandmaster in 2007 and has won many tournaments in classical and rapid play. He is a successful player in team championships throughout Europe.

Ufuk Tuncer is a Turkish FIDE master who lives in Germany. He is an active player and a well-known opening theoretician who has written highly topical Surveys for New In Chess Yearbooks.
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