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Beating the open games

Beating the open games
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Acclaimed author and chess grandmaster Mihail Marin presents an opening repertoire for Black against the Open Games. This means providing an answer to 1.e4, but not considering the main lines of the Spanish Opening. This includes openings such as the Scotch, the Vienna, the Spanish Exchange Variation, and even the notorious King?s Gambit. Marin uses his renowned writing skills to explain the ideas behind each move, so Beating the Open Games escapes the standard opening book trap of being a boring list of analysis. Marin has based the book mainly on his own repertoire and reveals many original moves and ideas. After studying this book the reader will not only have an excellent repertoire but also a deeper understanding of chess.

I can?t recall having seen a better book in the last two decades. -- Jeremy Silman, BCF Book of the Year winner Jeremy Silman

About the Author
Mihail Marin is a strong Grandmaster and the author of three previous books on chess, including Learn from the Legends, nominated for the British Chess Federation Book of the Year award and the biggest American award, the ChessCafe.com Book of the Year 2005.
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