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Building Up Your Chess

Building Up Your Chess
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Building Up Your Chess gives you an innovative and refreshingly understandable approach to chess mastery by one of the most renowned teachers in the world. The ability to judge a position accurately is at the heart of good chess. What´s more, learning to evaluate builds all of your skills in all phases of chess -opening, middlegame and ending.

Lev Albuert introduces you to his own invention, "The System of Predicted Results", as well as to a pictorial way of graphing a game that tracks and explains its move-by-move evaluation. You´ll learn how to master one position at a time, see how opening discoveries are made, and improve quickly with question-and-answer sessions.

Whether you´re a beginner or a master, you´ll soon be playing up to your true potential and enjoying chess more as your understand is better.

Building Up Your Chess is an expanded, updated and redesigned edition of a previous best-seller, Test & Improve Your Chess.
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