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Chess Developments. The Grünfeld

Chess Developments. The Grünfeld
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Autor: David Vigorito
ISBN: 978-1-85744-689-0
Páginas: 400
Idioma: Inglés

The Grünfeld is a dynamic opening in which Black allows White to build an imposing pawn centre before plotting its downfall with a series of attacks. This ambitious, hypermodern approach is popular from club level all the way through to the world's elite.

Most of the top players in the world include the Grünfeld in their repertoires, including Carlsen, Anand, Aronian, Topalov, Kamsky, Caruana, Grischuk, Ivanchuk, Gelfand, and Giri. A special mention should be made of Peter Svidler, who has played the Grünfeld with great consistency at the highest level for 20+ years.

The Grünfeld has never been in such excellent theoretical shape as it is today. However, almost every line is important and in a constant state of flux.

In this book, David Vigorito examines the most important and instructive Grünfeld games in recent years. Vigorito is renowned for his opening expertise, and his lucid explanations of the key plans and tactics will benefit all players.

- Essential coverage of the Grünfeld Defence
- Packed with key new ideas and critical
analysis - User-friendly design to help readers absorb information

David Vigorito is an International Master from the United States. His previous books have received great praise and he is now firmly established as one of the world's leading chess writers.

Chess Developments is a series providing state-of-the-art openings coverage. It focuses on the current trends - concentrating on critical lines, theoretical novelties and powerful new ideas. It offers players of all levels the opportunity to keep up-to-date with opening theory whilst also expanding and improving their repertoires.
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