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Enciclopedia de Aperturas (Volumen D - cuarta edición)

Enciclopedia de Aperturas (Volumen D - cuarta edición)
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Queen's Gambit (Slav, QG Accepted, Orthodox, Tarrasch, Tartakower, etc.), Gruenfeld, Queen's Pawn, etc.
games and analyses from Chess Informants 1-88 important game entries from recent tournament practice
revised ECO codes
Chess Informant's trademark system of elimination remains one of the key qualities that contributes to the fundamental value of the Encyclopaedias. Previously filtered into Chess Informants 1-88, all the lines had to additionally pass through multiple sieves of the Chess Informant Editorial Board to deserve their place in the fourth edition: only the most extraordinary examples that failed to find their way to the Informants managed to sneak into the new Encyclopaedia.
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