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Encyclopedia of Chess Problems

Encyclopedia of Chess Problems
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"I have great respect for the experts in the field of chess problems, though I never was a great fan. All those terms and themes sounded distant and hard to understand. Instead, I preferred the practical aspects of playing chess. However, while writing for different newspapers, I witnessed a great interest from readers for two movers. The common question being, "Why are you not including chess problems."

What I really liked were those gigantic problems and studies where the mate could be found in, say, 298 moves! It was fantastical; yet, sometimes, even if it didn't make any sense, I felt like it could happen in real tournament games.

What I always wanted was one book that would explain everything and provide the best examples from the history of chess problems. I asked the guru of the chess problem community, GM of chess composition and GM solver Milan Velimirovic, whether such a book was possible and unknowingly tapped into his lifetime wish to create just that.

Many months later, we are proud to present The Definitive Book, Encyclopedia of Chess Problems: Themes and Terms, written by Velimirovic and his colleague, GM solver and 1984 World Solving champion, Kari Valtonen from Finland. Inside, there are 1,726 selected problems and all the answers to any question that one might ask about chess problems. It can be read in different ways, like the classical Larousse encyclopedia or as a great collection of problems. Every theme and term is illustrated with the appropriate problem.

I am proud to be involved in this project. I see it as a historic moment for the world of chess problems. And, yes, now I a full-fledged fan of this magnificent field!"

Josip Asik, CEO of Chess Informant
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