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Grand Strategy - 60 Games by Boris Spassky

Grand Strategy - 60 Games by Boris Spassky
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Praise for Grand Strategy

Great games by Boris Spassky are annotated with a view to instructing the reader on matters of struggle and prophylaxis. Spassky?s games provide rich material for understanding methods of attack in the centre or on the flank, and encirclement, as well as the prophylactic plans: restraint, consolidation and counterattack. Also included are some photos of Spassky with Fischer ..... and even Che Guevara! ? London Chess Centre

Grand Strategy by Jan van Reek is a rather unusual book. The book is designed as an exposition of the author?s conception of strategy in chess, using Spassky?s games as a reference point. Spassky contributed some hitherto unpublished analysis and comments on Van Reek?s analytical suggestions. I have to say at first that with its references to the Japanese warlord ?Immovable Mountain?, Hannibal and Marshal Zhukov, the book did remind me a little of Raymond Keene?s ?Samurai Chess? which is not such a happy comparison. But... this is actually an exceptionally good book.
? Matthew Sadler in New In Chess

When Van Reek had studied Spassky?s style thoroughly, he found the games highly suitable as examples of strategy. Great educational value can be found in the relatively simple plans, wonderful combinations and stubborn defence. In this book the reader can find many of Spassky?s games with great analysis. His opponents are for example Smyslov, Kasparov, Fischer, Tal, Keres, Karpov and a lot of the other best players in the world.
? SchachDepot
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