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Grandmaster Secrets. Winning Quickly at Chess

Grandmaster Secrets. Winning Quickly at Chess
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Autor: John Nunn
ISBN: 978-1-904600-89-3
Páginas: 256
Idioma: Inglés

A much-expanded new edition of "101 Brilliant Chess Miniatures" (1999)

In this tremendously instructive and entertaining work, John Nunn selects 125 of the finest short decisive grandmaster games of the modern era. 24 games, all played between the years 2000-2006 have been added from the 1999 edition. High quality annotations as can be expected from GM Nunn.

For a grandmaster to lose a game in 25 moves or fewer takes something special, and club players can learn a great deal from studying these miniatures. Each of these games is a true battle, with the result often in doubt until near the very end of the struggle.

Nunn identifies the most common causes of the errors that lead to the loser's demise, and how one can seek to take dramatic advantage of the opponent's risky or faulty play.

In his thought-provoking extended introduction, he explains that in many cases, the problem was of a psychological nature: often the loser fails to accept that events have not unfolded according to plan, and as a consequence steers into the reefs when there was still time to head for safer waters.
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