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Play Chess Like the Pros

Play Chess Like the Pros
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◦Published: March 2010 EU, March 2010 US
◦ISBN: 9781857446272
◦Format: Paperback
◦208 pages

by Danny Gormally

What separates the greatest chess players from mere mortals? Grandmaster Danny Gormally believes that understanding, preparation and will to win are three crucial factors. In Play Chess Like the Pros he examines these key aspects and attempts to bridge the gap between the best and the rest. He believes that a player's capacity to improve is limitless, and in this age of computer-assisted learning the opportunity to do so is greater than ever before. But are you prepared to stretch yourself, to take yourself out of the comfort zone?

However, this is more than a self-improvement book. Nearly 15 years of experience as a chess professional makes the author ideally placed to tell the stories, not just behind the moves but also the characters who play them, giving the reader an insider's view of professional chess in the modern age.

◦A Grandmaster's revealing view of the modern game
◦Advice on all aspects of chess
◦Covers the increasing role of computers.
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