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Play The French, 4th Edition

Play The French, 4th Edition
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Autor: John Watson
ISBN: 9781857446807
Formato: 17x24
Páginas: 432
Fecha Publicación: Junio de 2012

The wait is over. Finally it's here... the much anticipated 4th edition of John Watson's Play the French - the must-have book for all French Defence players for over 20 years!

Watson's highly acclaimed work presents a repertoire for Black in the French Defence against all of White's recognized options. Just as in previous editions, Watson often arms the reader with not just one, but a choice of two or sometimes even three choices against the main lines. He also provides a thorough grounding on the positional and tactical aspects of the opening, and outlines the typical plans for both White and Black. Watson is renowned for his creativity and expertise in the opening, and once again this edition features an abundance of innovative ideas for Black. Watson also provides an update of many other lines he considered in previous editions.

- A French Defence repertoire for Black
- State of the art coverage of the key lines
- Packed with new ideas and critical analysis
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