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Playing the Trompowsky

Playing the Trompowsky
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Autor: Paperback medium
ISBN: 978-1-907982-75-0
Páginas: 264
Idioma: Inglés

If like most chess players you have a limited amount of time that you can spend studying, but you still want to push for an advantage with White, then the Trompowsky is a great choice.

The Trompowsky, 1.d4 Nf6 2.Bg5, has risen from relative obscurity a few decades ago and is now regarded as a serious attempt to put Black under pressure in the opening. As early as the second move, White imposes his will and forces his opponent to make a decision concerning the knight on f6.

In this book, IM Richard Pert shares the knowledge and understanding he has developed through fifteen years of studying and playing the Trompowsky. The emphasis is on active and aggressive lines for White, with at least two recommendations provided against most of Black's major defensive set-ups.

While the Trompowsky is the main focus of the book, the author also covers two related systems: the dangerous 2.Bg5 against the Dutch Defence, and the quirky Pseudo-Trompowsky with 1.d4 d5 2.Bg5.

- Expert coverage of an attacking repertoire
- Packed full of original analysis
- Many exciting novelties

Richard Pert is an English International Master with one GM norm at the time of publication. He has been playing the Trompowsky with success for more than fifteen years.
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