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Pocket Chess Endings

Pocket Chess Endings
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Pocket Chess Endings is the best program for studying the endgame on a Pocket PC. The author, well-known coach and grandmaster Panchenko, has worked on this chess material for over 20 years. Many experts regard his endgame handbook as the best in the field. Thousands of chess players in Russia have used it to study the endgame and many of them are now grandmasters. The theoretical section includes over 700 games/lectures, each of them illustrating theoretical and practical endgame methods. Many of the included themes are discussed for the very first time. A special training section includes 300 exercises for the user to solve, showing the refutations of wrong moves as well as giving numerous hints to help you find the correct answer. Multiple user profiles are possible, with independent ratings and statistics for each user. Languages: English and Spanish. System requirements: Pocket PC with Windows Mobile 2005/Windows Mobile 2003/Pocket PC 2002. Installation requires a PC with CD ROM drive..
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