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Pocket Encyclopedia of Middlegame

Pocket Encyclopedia of Middlegame
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Pocket Encyclopedia of Middlegame is a new teaching program for the Pocket PC dedicated to the opening and the middlegame. The program examines standard middlegame structures, as well as the most popular openings including Sicilian, Ruy Lopez, French, Caro-Kann, King's Indian, Slav, Catalan, Nimzo-Indian, Gruenfeld, English Opening, Benko Gambit and others. The main plans and playing techniques for White and Black are examined for these openings and structures, and are illustrated with 600 instructive examples. A special training section includes more than 1000 exercises for the user to solve, showing refutations of wrong moves as well as giving numerous hints to help you find the correct answer. Multiple user profiles are possible, with independent ratings and statistics for each user. Languages: English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. System Requirements: Pocket PC with Windows Mobile 2005/Windows Mobile 2003/Pocket PC 2002. Installation requires a PC with CD-ROM drive.
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