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Revista New in Chess (número 6 de 2013)

Revista New in Chess (número 6 de 2013)
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Your Move

NIC's Café

As Dortmund celebrated 40 years of international top-level chess, Vladimir Kramnik was the obvious star to watch. On any given day, the Russian's score would have sufficed for an eleventh trophy, but not at the 41st Sparkassen Chess Meeting, where 41-year-old Mickey Adams baffled friend and foe, and himself, with a dream score of 7 out of 9.

Che and Chess
When you think of Ernesto ('Che') Guevara, your mind probably leaps to the famous images of the revolutionary - the beard, the cigar, and the final photograph after his assassination in Bolivia in 1967. Few, perhaps, would picture him at the chessboard. Yet chess was one of his great passions.

The Same Excellent Fish
Jan Timman returned to the Politiken Cup and immediately felt at home again.

Beware: Brilliancy!

In Search of Maximalism
In Biel, regular guest Maxime ­Vachier-Lagrave repeated his victory of 2009. In a first-hand account the winner explains that his win could have been smoother if he had used his chances more effectively.

Commuting to Canada
If you travel as much as Nigel Short does, your knowledge about jet-lags can only expand.

Beijing GP
While Shakhriyar Mamedyarov claimed the fifth FIDE Grand Prix and Veselin Topalov qualified for the next Candidates' tournament, Anish Giri kept his promise to our readers.

Sadler on Books
Here's your guide to the French Winawer!

King's Gambit
Inspired by John Shaw's monumental The King's Gambit, Hans Ree writes about his own love for this brain-crushing opening.

Just Checking
Which three people would Alexander Ipatov like to invite for dinner?

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