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SOS - Secrets of Opening Surprises: Vol. 2

SOS - Secrets of Opening Surprises: Vol. 2
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Secrets of Opening Surprises is published twice a year, and consists of highly playable, unusual opening ideas. Because an SOS is such an early deviation from the regular lines in many mainstream openings (usually before move six), the probability of you being able to bring the variation actually on the board is very high. No need to study large quantities of stuffy theory, but an immediate return on a your investment of time. And lots of fun while going at it!

If you are tired of main lines, if you are looking for simple but effective weapons to perplex your opponent, then you will feel very much at home in the world of SOS. Twice a year editor IM Jeroen Bosch compiles eighteen SOS ideas for you, and selects the sharpest authors. An SOS has always been played at master or grandmaster level, and, as chess author Jeremy Silman said: ?Every line mentioned has a tactical and/or strategic justification.?

Each issue of SOS offers you a chance to earn 250 Euro. The SOS Competition gives this prize to the best game played with an SOS idea. The second SOS Competition was won by the very young Armenian Tigran L. Petrosian (!), who used an SOS idea from Glek's Four Knights opening to beat fellow teenager Deep Sengupta during a junior worldchampionship game in India in beautiful style. That is how effective Secrets of Opening Surprises can be!
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