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Studies for Practical Players

Studies for Practical Players
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Publisher: Russell Enterprises, 2009
Edition: Paperback medium
ISBN: 978-1-888690-64-4
Pages: 216
Language: English

Nowadays, chessplayers spend almost all their free time preparing openings, and rarely spend the time necessary to perfect the vitally important technique of calculating.

Regular training in solving and playing out endgame studies is a good recipe for eliminating that shortcoming.

This training is directed at developing resourcefulness, fantasy (in chess, these qualities are called "combinative acuity"), and the readiness to sacrifice material, in pursuit of the goal - winning!

How do we develop good habits of winning endgame play?

There are lots of manuals, but this may be the first in which a famous practical player, a trainer with a world-renowned name, and a study composer who has earned the title of International Grandmaster of Composition, share their views in one and the same book.

Join one of the world's premiere chess instructors Mark Dvoretsky, along with one of the most respected grandmasters of endgame study composition Oleg Pervakov, as they take a journey through the wonderful world of endgame studies, a journey that will instruct and inspire you.

Foreword by Jan Timman.
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