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The New Old Indian

The New Old Indian
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◦Published: June 2011 EU
◦ISBN: 9781857446678
◦Format: Paperback
◦192 pages

by Alexander Cherniaev and Eduard Prokuronov

The Old Indian Defence is considered to be a sound way for Black to meet 1 d4. Some might argue that it is steady rather than spectacular, but is this reputation totally deserved? Grandmaster Alexander Cherniaev strongly disagrees, and in this book he introduces ambitious and aggressive ways for Black to play in the main lines. He constructs an improved version of a repertoire he has himself utilized with great success against grandmaster opposition. Using illustrative games, he studies the fundamental tactical and positional ideas for both sides, and also covers what to do if White avoids the Old Indian. This book tells you everything you need to know about playing the New Old Indian.

◦A Grandmaster´s repertoire against 1 d4
◦Full of new ideas and critical analysis
◦Illustrative games highlight key ideas.
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