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The New Sicilian Dragon

The New Sicilian Dragon
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Grandmaster and well-known Sicilian Dragon expert Simon Williams takes a totally fresh look at this famous opening. Concentrating on his favourite Dragadorf Variation, Williams constructs a cutting-edge repertoire for Black, one which is perfect for the modern Dragon player who wishes to cause his opponents maximum problems in the opening. Drawing upon his considerable experience and using illustrative games, Williams covers the key tactical and positional ideas for both players, and highlights crucial modern day themes such as the importance of move orders.

The Sicilian Dragon is a highly popular opening, ideal for players of all levels. It enjoys such a great appeal because it leads to fascinating and fun-to-play positions in which both players regularly attack each other's kings with a complete lack of inhibition.

A repertoire for Black in the Sicilian Dragon Provides answers to all of White's options Packed with exciting games, and original ideas and analysis

Published July 2009 EU, June 2009 US |
ISBN 9781857446159
Format Paperback, 192 pages
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