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True Combat Chess

True Combat Chess
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Author: Timothy Taylor
Published December 2008 EU, January 2009 US
ISBN 1857445848
Format Paperback, 192 pages

International Master and former US Open Champion Timothy Taylor draws upon his wealth of personal experience to offer an instructive and entertaining account of how to improve your understanding of chess and your results. This book is awash with invaluable advice and helpful tips on all stages of the game - opening, middlegame and endgame. Taylor emphasizes the practical aspects of chess: how to really make the most of your ability; how to win at all costs; and how to absorb the lessons of defeat to come back stronger.

Grab every advantage over your opponents and be in the best possible shape for battle. True Combat Chess will show you the way

An essential guide to winning chess
Full of useful advice on improving results
Ideal for players of all levels
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