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Chessbase Magazine 157

Chessbase Magazine 157
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- Fabiano Caruana, the "king of Bucharest", analyses his win against Ponormariov. More annotated games by Wang Hao and Nisipeanu.
- Sinquefield-Cup Saint Louis: Magnus Carlsens last staging post before the wch-match. All important games from this top-class event with in-depth analysis.
- The two winners of the FIDE Grand-Prix in Paris, Caruana und Gelfand, each comment on one of their best games. Large opening survey by Mihail Marin.
- European Club Cup: Wojtaszek, Laznicka and Bartel from the vicrorious team Novy Bor have annotated games.

- NEW! Interactive video training: Daniel King "Move by Move", Oliver Reeh "Tactics", and Karsten Müller "Endgame" offer feedback to your ideas!
- 12 new opening articles

Top Tournaments
- Sinquefield-Cup, GP Paris
- Kings Tournament, EU-Cup

Video Reports
- Alexei Shirov explains ideas in the Queen's Gambit Exchange

World Class Players Annotate
- Fabiano Caruana
- Boris Gelfand
- Wang Hao
- Radek Wojtaszek

Practical Training
- Daniel King: Move by Move
- Rainer Knaak: Opening Trap
- Dorian Rogozenco: Strategy
- Oliver Reeh: Tactics

Opening Surveys
- Michal Krasenkow: Dutch A85 1.d4 f5 2.c4 Nf6 3.Nc3 g6 4.h4
In this sharp variation White follows up with h4-h5 and then he must not be afraid to offer an exchange on h5. There is no proof of any direct opening advantage according to Michal Krasenkow, but Black is faced with a difficult defensive task.
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