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The Secret Life of Bad Bishops

The Secret Life of Bad Bishops
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The Bad Bishop is a notorious villain in chess, but often a perfectly respectable bishop is falsely accused. The Secret Life of Bad Bishops takes an in-depth look at the bishop - not just dealing with good and bad bishops but also more nuanced cases where a "double-edged bishop" could turn out to be a game-winning hero or a fatal liability. All phases of chess are covered, from opening to middlegame to endgame. The final two chapters test the reader´s newly enhanced understanding with carefully chosen exercises and instructive solutions.

Esben Lund, an International Master from Denmark, is a respected author and coach. His first book for Quality Chess, Rook vs. Two Minor Pieces, earned excellent reviews.

ISBN: 978-1-906552-19-0 - 192 pages - Published 6 August 2014
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